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                Google AI spots breast cancer better than doctors, study finds


                Google’s artificial intelligence detected breast cancer better than doctors, a study published Wednesday found.


                The Google AI program that examined mammogram images from thousands of women in the US and the United Kingdom spotted cancer more accurately than six expert radiologists who reviewed 500 random cases, according to the research — which was funded by the tech giant.


                The software’s review of nearly 29,000 mammogram scans reduced the number of false negatives — tests that are wrongly deemed normal even though cancer is present — by 9.4 percent in the US and 2.7 percent in the UK, according to the study, published in the journal Nature.



                And the number of false positives — tests that are wrongly said to show signs of cancer — fell by 5.7 percent in the US and 1.2 percent in the UK, the research found. The team behind the study included researchers from Google Health, Northwestern Medicine and Imperial College London.

                研究发现,在美国,误报(被错误地说成显示癌症迹象的检测)的数量下降了㊣ 5.7%,在英国下降了1.2%。这项研究背后的团队包括来自↓谷歌健康、西北医学和伦敦帝国理工学院的研究人员。

                Google Health said the study “sets the stage for future applications where the model could potentially support radiologists performing breast cancer screenings” — though more research and regulatory approval are needed to show how the technology could boost patient care.


                The research suggests that AI could help improve the accuracy of mammograms, the most common method of screening for the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among women.


                Mammograms miss roughly one in five breast cancers, according to the American Cancer Society, and inaccurate test results can cause problems for patients. A false positive can lead to anxiety or pricey additional testing, while false negatives can cause women to think they’re cancer-free when they’re not.

                根据美国癌症协会(American Cancer Society)的数据,乳房x光检查遗漏了大约五分之一的乳腺癌,不准确的检测结果可能会给▓患者带来麻烦。假阳性可能会导致焦虑或昂贵的额外检查,而假阴性可能会让女性以∩为自己没有癌症,其实不然。

                Researchers trained Google’s AI program with mammograms from more than 76,000 women in the UK and more than 15,000 in the US, according to Google Health. Google said the software outperformed doctors despite receiving less information than human experts, who also had access to previous mammograms and patient histories.


                The study is Google’s latest bid to use its technologies for health purposes — even though some of those efforts have sparked privacy worries.


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