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                [00:08.16]Poster for A Flea Market

                [00:11.28]Dear all,

                [00:13.76]Our annual flea market is coming.

                [00:17.12]It will start from 12:30 on June 15

                [00:21.42]on the first floor of Building A,

                [00:24.22]lasting for 4 hours till 16:30.

                [00:28.21]By then,

                [00:29.40]we will have a great variety of items including

                [00:32.57]not only the clearance sale of the graduates,

                [00:36.12]but also the secondhand goods of students from other grades.

                [00:40.53]Here are things that we'd like participants to bear in mind.

                [00:45.32]First, be cautious in choosing goods,

                [00:49.80]check the quality carefully,

                [00:51.98]for once the deal is done,

                [00:53.97]you are not allowed to return or change them,

                [00:57.14]and you cannot demand a refund.

                [00:59.75]Second, both the sellers

                [01:02.87]and buyers should obey the market order

                [01:06.04]and close the deals politely.

                [01:08.22]You are not permitted to make big noises

                [01:11.64]or quarrel with each other.

                [01:13.50]Third, when the flea market is over,

                [01:16.99]all the sellers are supposed to take out the garbage

                [01:20.29]and leave the hall clean.

                [01:22.15]Wish you a very good time there!

                [01:25.39]The Students' Union



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